Gary Britton Joinery & Building Ltd

Gary Britton Joinery & Building Ltd


Gary Britton Joinery & Building Ltd are specialists joiners and builders who specialise in new build homes, renovations, restorations, house extensions and conversions. We offer a bespoke service in Glasgow, Lanarkshire and throughout Scotland.

Airdrie, UK UK

43 Carlisle Road,
North Lanarkshire

TELEPHONE: 07929996569


3 reviews

  1. Not fit to be called a builder!

    Never trust this builder EVER!We had a job priced at just over £27000 and paid over £25000 and he started the job but just disappeared with our cash! We’ve also had to repair faults caused by his team not following the drawings and just basically making things up as they went along. A disaster from start to finish! We also had to repair damaged flooring when the build was left in an unwatertight state. We are still finding mistakes and having to reciting things.
    He talks a good game but that’s as far as it goes! This will end in court at some point but we just don’t want anyone else to be taken in by this excuse for a builder.

  2. This man is dangerous

    Same experience as Ami Black, stolen over £70,000 left the job, no one working with him has no qualifications, defective building notice served on the property. This man is not putting fire proofing in walls he is a risk to the public. Again down to the very foundations are not fit for purpose, damage to existing building, extension lies incomplete with basically a kit up with a rubber roof held down with bricks. The people working for him
    are well aware of what he is doing. His “architect” is not an architect again leaving many people thousands of pounds out of pocket as drawing are wrong, incomplete and then not responding after payment.

    Gary Britton is doing this all over North Lanarkshire and beyond he has been made bankrupt and has changed his business name constantly to variations of Gary Britton building/joinery. He is not applying for building warrants and building illegal builds. Be very aware of this man. Tell your families to stay clear of him.

  3. Dangerous

    Check companies house

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Carlisle Road 43
Airdrie ML6 8AA Scotland GB
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43 Carlisle Road, Airdrie, North Lanarkshire Scotland, ML6 8AA