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What is an architectural designer?
An architectural designer is simply, an architect, architectural technologist, or chartered building engineer who is more focused on just designing buildings. Acre Design are able to design and work with both residential and commercial projects. Most other architects will design other specific features as well as buildings. Architectural designers are normally in charge of the actual design and logistical process, then builders will take over from here.
Architectural designers are great for having a slightly more creative input in the building design. The skill set and experience architectural designers hold are within the same guidelines as an architect. Both architects and architectural designers prioritise planning and researching a project – this is the key to a successful and smooth running construction.arch pricecomparison

We particularly enjoy working with people to develop their forever homes. We love the feeling of helping a family to build their perfect home, and knowing that they will be there to enjoy it for decades to come is one of the true pleasure of our job.

But we do need to talk about the value you add to your home, from the moment your extension is started. It may not be why you’re doing it, but it’s worth being aware of the value you’re adding.

It’s not unusual for the increase in value to be double the cost of the extension. In some cases (in particular when you’re adding bedrooms to a property) the rise in value can be even greater.

It’s such an exciting time when you start thinking about your new extension. You’re probably picking out colours, imagining where the furniture will go, and planning your housewarming as we speak.

But we also know that there’s a lot of boring and/or frustrating stuff that goes into that dream home. And with ten years’ experience in building control prior to forming Acre Design, MD Alistair Crerar is one of the best at getting projects to fly through permissions.

The North East is a fabulous place to build. From the Victorian Terraces to the more modern semis, there are all kinds of opportunities to do something truly special.4quotes image44There’s no feeling like walking into your newly refurbished home. Seeing the house that started in your imagination, climbing up the stairs into your loft conversion, or feeling the sun streaming into your new extension* – it’s an incredibly special moment.

That feeling is why we got into this business. We get out of bed in the morning to help our clients make that feeling happen. It takes a lot to get there:

Knowing what you want
A Design that works for you
Getting through the building process

But where properties are of an age, the main thing that planning departments will look at is how the extension will fit in with its environment. If you can demonstrate that, you’re on the right track.

So we help you think about how your extension will fit into your community. If any other houses on your street have done anything similar, that’s an excellent start.

But the bottom line is, we don’t want you to have to worry about the permissions side of your build. Acre Design has excellent relationships with councils across the North East, and we’ll take as much of the work away from you as possible.

arch pricecomparison

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