About us

My house project was set up in 2016 by a professional in the construction industry. I had been using lead generation web sites for many years. Like most businesses I wanted to pick new work up when things went quiet and slowed down a little. Having used most of the main job lead sites  (I won’t name them on here). I decided that a new web site was needed. A web site that would list your business for free, without a monthly or yearly charge. A business would get a free web page where they could upload images, work examples and let customers leave reviews about their experience with your business. I also wanted to integrate a jobs board within the site, for when companies and individuals needed extra work.

Having tried similar sites that either force you to take an amount of job leads per month (no matter how good the leads actually are) to others that charged a small fortune for a job lead and then finding out you’re the 5th company to ring that day.

The other problem I noted with these companies was the amount of times a job lead was sold. If I bought a job lead but was one of 8 companies who had also purchased that lead, then your chances of actually getting that job was very low. So low in fact, that pricing wise, its just a race to the bottom.

How the jobs board works

We list a mixture of free job leads and premium job leads on the jobs board. An example of a free lead would be when a client makes an enquiry about having a single wall plastered. This type of lead we would post on the jobs board for free. If that same client wanted 2 rooms plastering, then we would make that a premium job lead. We telephone and validate every premium enquiry. We charge a small fee for premium job leads to cover our costs and hopefully make a small profit per job (it helps keep the roof over our heads).

We only sell our premium job leads to a maximum of 3 companies. Most of the time we won’t even sell that lead 3 times, so your probably on your own quoting or against one other competitor. We also offer you credits back to your account if you can’t get hold of the client after 7 days.

The way forward

Having set this site up we hope that you will join up with us (It’s free) and as things progress we hope to provide you with a fairer way of working and getting found in a busy market place.