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A conservatory is not just an extension on your house, its part of a lifestyle. Adding a conservatory creates a light filled getaway within your home where you can choose to bask on a warm Saturday afternoon or relax with a glass of wine on a cool summers evening.conserv44ab

Not only will it dramatically add value to your house, but it will create a flexible and attractive social area for you, your family and your friends for years to come. We provide an expansive range of personally tailored conservatories including lean to conservatories.

What Can I Get From My Conservatory?

An increase in the value of your home.
Creation of a bright vibrant space for whatever you choose.
A variety of designs with your personal touches in mind.
Highest quality materials and methods.
Completely secure high quality windows and doors.
10 year guarantee included.

Designed For You - Down to the Finishing Touches

Planning permissions and building warrants are handled for you.
Highly skilled tradesmen cater for all aspects of your conservatory.
All doors and windows are BSI Nova Kite marked secure.

It’s all in the Windowscompare conserv44 1

Our pvcu conservatories windows are specially designed with Argon gas insulation and transparent metallic coating which provide a variety of benefits that other windows don’t.

Improved thermal insulation
Transparent Coating keeps more heat in without keeping any heat or light out.
Improved insulation cuts down on heating bills and is good for the environment.
Argon insulation dramatically reduces condensation.

How do I Know It’s Secure?

Unfortunately it is the case these days that home invasion and burglary is commonplace. However with our stringent security measures in place you can rest assured that your home is secure.

Many people believe that window security is limited to the handle lock and top and bottom shoot bolts, but we can provide you with windows with at least 7 standard security fittings, and doors with up to 16. In addition to the standard security features we can provide you with several additional locking features such as a hinge lock, steel hooks and shoot bolts which all slide into place when the window is closed.

You can also keep your conservatory aired and fresh as the night vents allow fresh air to flow into the room without compromising the security of the window.

With all of our quality and durability testing carried out above British standards, you can rest assured that your conservatory was built with security in mind. Furthermore we strive to keep our conservatories prices as competitive as possible ensuring you can get the design you want without breaking the bank.conserv2

Warm, Sealed and Safe Double Glazing

As a view to the outside, one area where your conservatory can’t fall short is the windows. For your conservatory we offer nothing less than the highest standard of window design, made with the best materials for the best performance.

Our window design comes with a transparent metallic coating which unlike other traditional low-E coatings doesn’t cause any unsightly tints to your windows. As a result your windows will also have no hazing or discoloured effect while letting extra light and heat into your room. Furthermore these windows prevent heat from escaping by reflecting heat radiators back into the room cutting down on your heating bills.

Do All Windows Have Argon Gas Insulation?

Not all windows have this feature as not all manufacturers have the equipment available to provide it. Fortunately we do and Argon gas insulation in your windows can provide a variety of benefits.

Argon gas is completely clear, colourless, odourless and harmless and is actually present in the air that you breathe. The benefit of Argon gas insulation is that its thermal conductivity is 30% lower than that of air meaning that you lose far less heat through your windows ensuring your conservatory is kept naturally warmer.

In addition the gas causes an increase in the inner glazing temperature making your windows feel warmer and dramatically reducing condensation. And this is no short term benefit, as tests have shown that in 20 years your windows will still contain 80% of the gas as it leaks out at typically less than 1% a year.

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