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Welcome to the garage conversion experts.
Why should you convert your garage?

Only 20% of home owners who have garages keep their cars in them.

Reason: Unfortunately, most modern garages barely have enough room inside to open the doors of a modern day family sized car, making your garage a an expensive garden hut. Why move house and give yourself all that stress for an extra room when you already have one attached to your house, just crying to be converted? By converting your garage you are upgrading your property, which means you are adding value to your home.
Is converting my garage affordable?

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If you take into consideration the cost involved in moving house, well the answer is Yes very affordable. Why not click onto single garage conversions to see our fixed-priced deal on single garages.

We also convert double garages into a room or keep half your garage and convert half into a room.
Why should you choose

Looking for an extra room in your house for under £7,000?
Looking for an extra room in your house with no extensive building work?
Looking for a company that can have the job completed in ten working days?
Looking for a company that can supply bona fide references?
Looking for a company that will supply a full 10 years guarantee on all workmanship and materials?
Looking for a company that takes no money up front?

If the answer is Yes to all of the above, call us now on 0800 032 8547

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