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We used the Architects Cost Calculator to get a quote for plans for a Kitchen Extension. We got 3 prices from local Architects and were able to compare the prices against the quotes we already had. The results were quick and we booked a local Architect the same day.

Mrs Mary Cotton - Leeds

I used this website to get quotes for Architects Plans for our Loft Conversion. We were surprised by the differences in Architects quotes we received and were able to book a local Architect who specialised in Loft Conversions. This site saved us a lot of time and saved me some money.

Mr Mark Brody - London

I needed an Architect for a new house that we had been planning for several years. We were able to get 4 quotes from local Architects and were able to investigate them further before choosing one. This site gave us a good insight into how much it would cost to design the house and deal with the Planning Permission & Building Regulations.

Mrs Gemma Ives - Manchester