Ignore window mould at your peril


Image showing mould around a window frame

Mould within the home can be quite unsettling due to its unpleasant appearance and concern over what it could be doing to you and your family’s health. One place mould tends to take hold quickly and easily is the bathroom. But is mould really that bad? Yes it is and here are the top three reasons why it’s important you don’t ignore bathroom mould.

1. Health Risks

There is no doubt that mould, which is a form of fungi, can be harmful to human health and this is the number one reason why you should never ignore mould in your bathroom or in any other room within your home for that matter. Mould is thought to give rise to coughing, wheezing and respiratory ailments as well as causing more severe cases of asthma and allergic reactions. Those with compromised immune systems are at even greater risk from mould as it can make their condition worse. Some moulds are more sinister than others, but when it comes to mould and your health the dangers must never be under estimated: it is imperative that you don’t delay in addressing your mould problem.

2. Musty Smells

No one enjoys rooms that smell bad and when mould is present that’s exactly what you’ll get – a musty smelling room! If the mould and subsequent smell is left to fester away in your bathroom then the same bad odour will begin to permeate your bath towels, window curtains and other such materials within the room. Track down the cause and take action today to rid your bathroom of mould and that annoying smell.

3. Property Damage

Mould grows by way of producing spores and it is these spores that become airborne and find their way onto a variety of surfaces and locations. When mould takes hold it can cause damage to the surfaces it grows on, such as rotting your wooden flooring, plaster walls and even your carpet. In addition, mould can cause unsightly stains and even be responsible for damaging the structure of your home if left unchecked. Ignoring mould can lead to costly repairs that will grow ever bigger if mould is left to run rampant in your home, so don’t ever ignore it thinking and hoping it will go away because it won’t.

The best way to deal with mould is to prevent it occurring in the first place. Mould quickly and easily grows in warm and damp environments and if those environments lack light then all the better for the mould. The bathroom is repeatedly warm and damp but you can prevent mould building up here by following a few simple steps. Always use the exhaust fan when running the shower and even leave the window ajar to give the warm air another exit point to travel out through. Always hang up damp towels in a fashion that will allow them to dry reasonably quickly. Even going to the extent of wiping over the walls, door and floor of your shower enclosure after use will be a big help in reducing damp. Letting as much light in as possible will help prevent mould build up too so be sure to draw back the curtains or put up the blind each day.

Lastly, cleaning your bathroom regularly and addressing the first signs of mould with an appropriate cleaning agent will ensure you will keep your home free from mould over the long term. And that means you will enjoy fresh air and keep you and your family free of the bad health effects that mould can incite, which makes all the effort to keep mould away worth it.

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