Site Preparation

Site preparation and conservatory foundations

2. Site Preparation and Conservatory Foundations

Site preparation

Before you can start building you need to prepare the site for your new conservatory, this is a good time to try to find any hidden services e.g. drainage, electrics etc, prior to digging out the foundations.

Digging foundations

As I’ve explained above, be careful when digging foundations as services such as drainage and electrics are common in back gardens, after all they’ve got to go somewhere.

Conservatory Foundations

The foundation for your conservatory will be similar to that for a house extension foundation and will usually need to be between 600mm and 1000mm deep. Conservatory foundations are not dependent on the weight of the conservatory, they are more dependent on the type of ground that the conservatory is to be stood in. Once the foundations have been dug, they should be filled with weak mix concrete to provide a good solid base.

Typical Conservatory Foundation Detail

Typical trench fill conservatory foundation

The Typical foundation above is not suitable for conservatories where a Building Regulations application is required.

Care should also be taken when building near drains, trees and shrubs as these will affect the depth that the foundation needs to go down to.

We would always advise that if you are unsure about the foundations of your new conservatory that you make a simple phone call to your local authority building control.

Pre-fabricated Conservatory Base or Steel base Conservatory

The Pre-fabricated Conservatory Base construction consists of a heavy-duty steel frame base and modular facing brick wall panels that are designed to match the property. The pre-fabricated steel base system helps overcome problem situations where man holes, underground drainage, uneven or sloping ground, can affect the construction of a normal trench fill or strip conservatory foundation. This type of base also helps when the finished floor level of a house is a lot higher than the outside garden level and infilling with hardcore and raising a concrete floor is not an option.

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